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The Patient Experience Library makes it easy for you to get a patient's-eye view of service quality.

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With over 30,000 documents on patient experience, The Patient Experience Library gives you a wealth of evidence at your fingertips.


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Healthwatch Essex
Negotiating the Care Maze in Poetry
Negotiating the Care Maze in Poetry

Every week, the Patient Experience Library trawls hundreds of websites, searching out new publications to add to the UK's collective evidence on patient experience.

We read thousands of reports every year. Most are good, some are excellent. This one, from Healthwatch Essex, is astonishing.

The work is based on a series of interviews with people who have had to arrange residential care for a loved one.

The interviews were transcribed and thematically analysed so as to draw out poems from people's experiences. See also the excellent main report, "Negotiating the Care Maze".

Our reports

Check out our series of occasional reports written by the Patient Experience Library...

Maternity Services - An Insight Report from The Patient Experience Library At the request of the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, we took findings from sources including the Picker Institute, Healthwatch and the National Childbirth Trust, and ran them through a graded search process to pull out key nuggets of information.

Perinatal Mental Health

Perinatal Mental Health - An Insight Report from The Patient Experience Library As part of our new series of "Insight Reports" we trawled the Patient Experience Library for reports relevant to Perinatal Mental Health - working through a series of graded searches to sift a large volume of evidence and draw out concise and highly focused insights.

Health and public engagement: an overview A brief overview of some excellent reports we believe could be helpful to people organising public engagement in Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs).

Flying blind

Healthwatch - the power of the network. Three years on from the Francis Inquiry report, and the launch of Healthwatch, it seems timely to consider the power of the network.

Twenty reports

What price patient voice? The costs of failing to hear from patients are huge. So why is there no agreed benchmark for the value of patient feedback services?

Flying blind

Flying Blind? PALS Teams and Performance Measurement. Our response to the Carter Review.

Twenty reports

Twenty reports to make you think. A small selection of "must-read" reports from 2015.

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The Patient Experience Library Digest 2015. A comprehensive list of all the reports added to the library during the last year.

Healthwatch reports