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The Patient Experience Library puts a wealth of patient experience evidence in one place with free search and unlimited downloads. Ask us about creating your own library for your own needs:

Our Patient Surveys Tracker offers one-click access to survey data for every Trust in England. And our Waiting List Tracker gives instant access to waiting times for treatments at Trusts near you. Ask us about customised versions of our data trackers, adapted to your own specification and needs:

See what others say about the patient experience issues that you're interested in, via our research-based publications. Ask us about bespoke literature reviews for in-depth analysis - examples here and here.

Why do we do this? We're inspired by Baroness Cumberlege whose First Do No Harm report said that patient experience "must no longer be considered anecdotal and weighted least in the hierarchy of evidence-based medicine". You can read more about our mission in our Inadmissible Evidence report here.

The Team

Miles Sibley and Anthony McQuillan - Founders

We have had many good experiences as NHS patients. A couple have been life-saving. We want the NHS to continue being the best it can be, and we believe that learning from patient experience is key to that.

Our team brings together expertise in communications, software development and information management, combined with a passion for getting patient voices heard.

We'd like to thank our magazine contributors, whose personal accounts help to show why patient experience and engagement really matters.

From a wider circle of supporters in NHS Trusts, universities and patient voice organisations, we get ideas, advice and occasional challenges. We are grateful for all of it!

Funding declaration: In 2021/22, we have been helped by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, who have generously contributed to our campaign costs. We do not take funding, advertising or help in kind from industries involved in drugs, treatments and medical devices.

The library is hosted by Glenstall IT, a software developer with 20 years' experience in tailor-made information systems for the public and charitable sectors.

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Want to partner with us? We are happy to be working with Plymouth University, Leeds Beckett University, the NHS Leadership Academy and National Voices, among others. If you think we could be working together, please drop us a line: