The Patient Experience Library



Open access training for patient experience

Patient experience work is not easy. Not least because evidence on people's experience of care comes from so many different sources: patient surveys, local Healthwatch reports, academic research, online feedback and more. How are patient experience staff and patient reps meant to keep track of it all - and to start making sense of it?

Our online course offers some answers. Hosted by the NHS Leadership Academy, it covers:

  • Who does what in patient experience evidence gathering.
  • Key concepts in patient experience work.
  • Why patient experience matters.
  • Challenges of hearing from patients.
  • How to find different types of patient experience evidence.
  • How to start making sense of patient experience evidence.

The course is free - all you need to do is create an account with the NHS Leadership Academy (see below). Learners can log in at times that suit them, with the ability to pause part way and carry on at another time if they want.

It is designed to be helpful for people who are new to patient experience work, as well as for people who are familiar with the basics but need to consolidate their knowledge.

As well as people in PALS teams, complaints, local Healthwatch etc, the course could be helpful for patient reps on engagement committees - and for any nursing directorate staff or Trust Board members who need a good grounding in patient experience work.

To find the course, simply go to, select your region and create an account (free), or log in if you are already a user of the Leadership Academy website.

After that, look for "Patient Experience" in "Leadership Modules" and get started!