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The Patient Experience Library


The Patient Experience Library
All the insight you need

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There is a wealth of patient experience literature produced by patient voice organisations, think tanks and government bodies across the UK. But it is scattered across literally hundreds of different websites.

The Patient Experience Library makes it possible to get a comprehensive overview of the UK's collective intelligence.

Comprehensive content

The library holds over 40,000 documents, including...
  • Patient experience reports from health and care charities and think tanks
  • Guidance on matters such as patient-centred commissioning
  • CQC inspection reports and patient survey results
  • All the reports from the local Healthwatch network
  • Quality Accounts from health service providers
  • Valuable archive materials from bodies such as LINk and the NHS Institute

Flexible search

A powerful search tool gives you the results you need, instantly.

Searches can be as flexible as you like. Search by topic (eg "dementia"), publisher (eg "Care Quality Commission"), provider (eg "Barts") or location (eg "Wiltshire") or any combination of these.

Customised for you

Use the "My Library" function to create your own "library within a library". You could collect documents for a topic you are researching - or store "favourites" in a place where you can easily find and search them. You choose!


The Patient Experience Library was set up without government or charitable funding, and we do not accept advertising.

We make as much as we can available free of charge from our Welcome Page. Beyond that, we try to cover our costs by asking a subscription fee for full access to the library.

Subscription details are available here.