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What publications are held in the library?

We hold publications that relate to patient and service user experience in the health and care sector. The library does not hold publications that relate to other aspects of health and care services, for example, clinical guidance, procurement and financing of services, etc

We will not accept materials that, in our opinion:...
  • Demonstrate political bias
  • Are intended as sales documents for commercial interests
  • Are complaints, commendations or other opinions written by private citizens about their own experiences, or those of friends and relatives

Why are you charging for access to the library?

The Patient Experience Library was set up without government or charitable funding, and we do not accept advertising.

We make as much as we can available free of charge from our Welcome Page. Beyond that, we try to cover our costs by asking a subscription fee for full access to the library, with unlimited use of our powerful indexing and search facilities.


Why shouldn't I just use Google?

You can! Or any other search engine you like.

But if you want really accurate and effective searches for patient experience literature, the library will give you what you need. This is because:

Can we collaborate with you on research projects?

Yes please! We're a small team with a heavy workload, so we have to choose our priorities carefully. But if you have partnership proposals, please drop us a line at

Are there copyright issues?

The vast majority of search results in the library link to the original document on the original website in keeping with the 2014 European Court of Justice ruling in the case of Svensson and Others v Retriever Sverige AB (C466/12).

Where websites are temporarily down for any reason, we try to make the documents available directly from the library. We then re-enable the links once the broken site has been fixed. We also strive to remove old versions of documents if they have been updated.

We fully acknowledge all authors and publishers of the documents indexed in the library.

We do not hold documents that the author or publisher would normally want to charge for.

Our subscription fee covers the costs of stocking the library, cataloguing and indexing every document, and maintaining a powerful and effective search tool. We do not charge for any documents you choose to download, and do not make money from other people's work.

If you are the author or publisher of any documents on patient experience, and would like to withhold them from the Patient Experience Library, please let us know via Please let us know the reason you wish the documents to be removed.

Privacy policy

The Patient Experience Library maintains a Mailchimp mailing list through which we distribute our weekly newsletter.

This list holds names and email addresses. We never sell, share or in any other way use your details.

You may unsubscribe from our mailing list or update your details at any time by clicking the links at the bottom of each newsletter we send.

Apart from this list the Library retains no personal or tracking information.